Let’s Shake Up Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is here and I am excited to shake some things up!! Shake up some pearls, that is! Look at our roll out for this weeks giveaway and SALE!

Shake it up cyber monday the pearl girls pear necklace, pearl earrings, pearl bracelet

First up, the gorgeous Shake It Up Pearl Necklace! 30 inches of wire wrapped pearls and sterling silver chain. These pearls are minuscule 3mm pearls and they pop on this sterling silver chain. Abby added our amazing raw mother of pearl pieces (that I rescued from a pearl farm throw away pile (because your pearl trash is actually a pearl treasure, right?) Anyway, the Shake It Up necklace can be made with or without the raw mother of pearl enhancer. If you order it with the enhancer, remember, each on is unique so yours will not look exactly like the one in the picture. Thanks goodness for a little variety in life, right?

shake it up necklace-Angel wing with pearls, the pearl girls, southern pearl jewelry, mother of pearl jewelry, delicate pearl jewelry, elegant pearl necklace, unique p

Next we have the Shake it Up Pearl Earrings. This is about an inch and a half of pretty petite pearls and silver. A total of around 12 pearls in each ear.Once you add the earring hook the total length of these earrings is just shy of two inches. What can I say, these beauties are cute and fun. As one customer said this morning… “not matronly… my daughter does not want to look matronly.” Truth be told, I do not want to look matronly either even if I might be just a tad bit on that side. Anyway, these are young and fun and free-wheeling fancy free pearls.

shake it up earrings-Long cluster earrings, the pearl girls, southern pearl jewelry, mother of pearl jewelry, delicate pearl jewelry, elegant pearl necklace, unique p

And then we have the matching Shake It Up Pearl bracelet. It offers a nice pop of pearls without being heavy. It is a great layering piece or beautiful alone. The bracelet offers the same burst of fun you find in our other pieces but fun is lightness and airiness. Fun is not, “I can’t do my work because my bracelet is too heavy and it hits my keyboard.” This is a cartwheel in the park kind of fun. Ice tea and pimento cheese sandwich kind of fun.

shake it up bracelet-Petite cluster pearl bracelet, the pearl girls, southern pearl jewelry, elegant pearl bracelet

So, these are our Cyber Monday rollouts although, you know, we offer awesome deals every week. If you aren’t on our email list, well, you are missing out! Join the fun by adding your email address here.

Happy Monday and Happy Holidays with love from Athens, GA!


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