Kind Words Matter

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kind words matter the pearl girls

In case you need a reminder… kind words are so powerful and moving. I keep the kind emails that you Pearl Girls send to me and I hold your words dear in my heart, always. They are the icing on the cake of  the work I do. I have this on the brain today as I reread the words from our friend Sherrie. Sherrie, thank you!! And thanks to all of you who support The Pearl Girls and believe in our mission!

           Thanks so much! I have to say that you have won over a loyal customer with your lovely pearls, attention to service and your contagious enthusiasm for pearls. I  also wanted to say that even though I saw the Pearl Girls featured in the April 2011 Southern Living when the magazine first came out (I am a subscriber), I did not act immediately on ordering any of your products, but just 2 weeks ago, as I was thumbing through my past issue of Southern Livings looking for a recipe, I again came across the Pearl Girls story and decided to order and I am so happy that I did. Your pearls are as beautiful as pearls I have paid twice as much for in the past. Anyway, it shows you that press that is almost a year and a half old is still reaping fruit. Now I know where to go in the future when I want to order Pearls for myself and my dear friends.
                                                                   Thanks India,
                                                                                      Loyal Pearl Girl Patron, Sherrie M.

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