Hum Magazine Quotes The Pearl Girls

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Hum Magazine Quotes The Pearl Girls. India was quoted saying the following:

“Saltwater pearls are typically, but not always, more expensive,” explains India Rows, founder and president of the Pearl Girls, a pearl company based in Athens, Georgia. ( “This is a reflection of their high production costs, though, and not necessarily of their quality. Chemically, (both varieties) are very similar, except that freshwater pearls have a slightly higher amount of manganese. When you look at the way they are cultured, there are many differences. First, the water is different, freshwater versus saltwater. Saltwater farms rely on sea planes and boats, many technicians must be housed in remote locations, the waters must be patrolled and guarded. Freshwater farms are easier to maintain. Freshwater pearls are, without a doubt, the closest to natural pearls. They are almost 100% nacre. This means finding a truly gorgeous strand of round, freshwater pearls is a miracle of nature. Freshwater pearls only come in white, mauve and pink colors. So, for the pearl connoisseur interested in black pearls, Tahitian pearls are a good choice. (You can also opt for) creamy yellow or silvery white, South Sea pearls. Saltwater pearls offer more variety in natural colors than their freshwater counterparts.”

Hum Magazine quotes The Pearl Girls

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