How Much Does It Cost to Restring Pearls?

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Many of you wonder… how much does it cost to restring pearls? We are happy to report that The Pearl Girls © reknot business is going well. It seems that women all across the country are looking for a reputable company that can reknot and restring their fine cultured pearls, imitation pearls, beaded jewelry and more. We are so privileged! We are honored that you trust us with your fine, meaningful gems. Thank you. And for the many of you who send us your pearls immediately after they have been restrung at your local jewelry store, we are so sorry that you have had a bad experience with other jewelers. We have come to believe that knotting pearls is another lost art. Many jewelers do not know how to create a well-crafted knotted pearl necklace or bracelet.

Cost to Restring Pearls-Restring Pearls With The Pearl Girls

So, many of you wonder, how much does it cost to restring pearls? We charge exactly $3 per inch. This $3 per inch is based solely on the length of your piece of jewelry. If you have an eight inch bracelet, we will charge you $24. We also charge $6 for the silk and supplies. So, your total before return shipping and any applicable tax will be $30. If you have a twenty inch necklace, we will charge you $60 plus $6 for silk. Many of you have reached out to us saying you have imitation pearls you want knotted or glass beads, in either case, the piece will cost $3 per inch.

Now, not all jewelry is knotted, right? If you have pearls or beads that are simply strung the cost to restring pearls, without knots,  is $1.50 per inch plus $6 for the silk thread.

And we do not just string and knot pearls! We can restring any of your beaded jewelry including jet, coral, jade and more.

Size does matter. If you have a necklace with small pearls or beads, it takes us longer to knot it for you. So, if there are more than four pearls per inch in your necklace, your investment will be $0.75 per knot. And, again, $6 for the silk.

Are you interested in using our highly skilled pearl knotters to reknot or repair your pearls or beads? Awesome! Feel free to order your jewelry return pack or send your pearls directly to us. We have never had a single customer who is not happy with their pearl knotting service with us. Give us a try!



The Pearl Girls
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22 Replies to “How Much Does It Cost to Restring Pearls?”

    1. You are absolutely right Arlie! You never want to put glue on pearls! There are pearl approved epoxy that can be used for earrings. We add a dab of glue to secure the last knot on our strands but this requires a steady hand and precision so we don’t typically teach this to our newest pearl knotters until they have been through rigorous training and practice! But, we do find that this is an added way to secure a final knot and ensure the longevity of our knotted strands! Best, India

    1. Hi Connie!
      Absolutely! If you send them to us we can definitely make them into a necklace for you! Order a jewelry return kit and we will send you an empty box and return postage. That makes it easier than heading to the post office or FedEx but you are also welcome ship them directly to us! Need help? Call or email us!
      We cannot WAIT to make something beautiful for you!!!



    1. Hi Christie! Yes, we are! We aim to finish reknots in two weeks. As we approach Christmas, we do become a lot busier so we encourage y’all to get your reknots to us as soon as possible. But, you still have plenty of time! Thanks for reaching out!! Best, India

  1. Hi,
    I have a string of pearls and a string of black beads that need to be restrung (with knots). Can you do them both?

    1. Hi Ann!
      Yes! Although I use the word “pearl” a lot, we also restring all types of beads, too! So we can definitely restring and reknot your black bead necklace!

  2. I have an 18 inch pearl necklace that I want restrung to a 14 inch necklace. The pearls are 5 pearls per inch. I also have a pearl bracelet that is about 5.25 inches not including the closrue of the same size pearl that I would like restrung to the same length it is. How much would this cost? and how long would it take?

    1. Hi Michele!

      Since there are 5 pearls in an inch, you will need to count the knots to get the exact price. We charge .75 per knot.I am going to estimate a total of 105 knots, so $78.75 for the knotting. Add $8 for silk, $10 for handling and $5 for shipping and your grand total estimate is $101.75 for the necklace and bracelet. Again, this is just an estimate. If you send them our wayne can give you a more accurate estimate before we start.



  3. Hello there……I am considering having Native American silver beads restrung. They were not originally knotted. What are the considerations for knotting or not 🙂 Jill Hix 3/27/19

    1. Hi Jill!

      Thanks for reaching out! We can definitely restring those beads for you! Here are some things to consider. We put knots in between our pearls since pearls are so sensitive and soft and the knots protect them from rubbing together. Another great benefit is the knots keep the beads from scattering everywhere if it should break. So, that is an added bonus! However, I do not think your beads will need knots. For one, they do not need protection. Also, if the holes of the beads are too large, tying knots doesn’t make sense since the holes will be swallowed up by the beads.

      Now, in cases like these, I love to actually see the beads in person. Is there an alternative medium we can use to restring your necklace? Maybe! There might be some creative alternatives, besides our silk thread, that we can use. Examples include mesh wire, chin, leather and more. I want to make this necklace as easy to wear and as long lasting as possible. So we will take that into consideration when we restring them.

      So, moving forward, if you want to get these beads to us, we can easily look them over and call you with the best plan to move forward! Order a jewelry return kit or just send them directly to us. We will reach out when they arrive!

      All the Best,


  4. I am requesting to restrand a double strand pearl necklace with a gold clasp; purchased in Saudi Arabia many years past.
    Am I correct in assuming the cost would be $115.00?
    Please advise, and thank you for your compliance. M.

    1. Hi Geraldine!
      Pricing depends on the length, (total length in this case, since there are two strands) the size of the pearls and whether you want it knotted or strung without knots. If you have taken these factors into account and calculated it to $115, then that should be right. If you want to send me these specs, I can double check the price for you.

  5. Would love a jewelry return kit. Have a triple strand of heirloom Pearl’s that need to be restrung. (Middle string broke)
    Thanks !
    Sara kirkham
    925 642 9651

    1. Hi Sara!
      I am so sorry for the delay in responding! We will reach out to you tomorrow and arrange a jewelry return kit! We can definitely fix your necklace for you!


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