Have you ever slept in an opal mine?

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Have you ever slept in an opal mine? Gazed at the Sydney harbor from your hotel window? Traveled to a remote Australian pearl farm, the oldest family run pearl farm in Australia?

From Big Travel

Well, I haven’t either! But, I am going to and I want you to join me! Our next Pearl Adventure is going to fabulous, fast paced and adventurous. We will fly from LAX to Sydney and spend a couple of days exploring the city before we head off to the Australian Outback to see pearl mines. We will even sleep in an old mine that has been converted to a hotel! Then it is through Adelaide, a day trip through Perth and onward to Broome, Australia where the red sands of the Outback meet the turquoise ocean waters. Here we will explore part of the city established by international pearl divers and we will take a day trip to a remote Australian pearl farm, the oldest family run farm in Australia! And yes, I will be buying pearls for our Pearl Girls Collections!

This fabulous trip will take place March 6-March 18th and is only $6000 if you sign up by Sept. 1.

Two things are for certain, the trip is going to be fabulous and it is filling up! I hope you can join us! If you have more questions, please email me or get your deposit in here: https://devtpg.wpengine.com/shop/pearls-and-opals-australia-2015/. We are limiting this trip to 12 people! Come fly away with The Pearl Girls!


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