Harvesting Japanese Pearls

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Japanese pearls in Ago Bay, Japan!


We traveled to Ago Bay, Japan to see the akoya pearl farms throughout the protected inlets, waterways and coves in Ago Bay, Japan. This is the same area where Mikimoto cultured his very first pearl and the company maintains pearl farms to this day. There are also many small farms including this “mom and pop” operation that we got to visit. Japan is actually dominated by smaller pearl farms. The larger operations account for only 10% of the farms in Japan.

India Rows of The Pearl Girls and Japanese Pearls

Japanese akoya pearls are known for their small size. The pearls are usually no bigger than 6-8mm in diameter because the oyster itself is small. Their color is predominately white. It is believed that the highest quality akoya pearls have a slight pink tint to them but, nowadays, the creamy white pearls are also very well received. Akoya pearl also come in hues of gray, blue and yellow.



Watch our video to see the akoya pearl harvest in Japan!

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2 Replies to “Harvesting Japanese Pearls”

  1. Hi!

    Where did you go for this harvesting pearl trip? Is it possible to have the name of the farm? Do you know if it’s possible to visit it?
    i might be visiting Japan soon and I’d love to visit a pearl farm.



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