Happy Birthday Cultured Pearls

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India Rows with Mikimoto Founder of Cultured PearlsMikimoto is the founder of cultured pearls and today is the 120th birthday of cultured pearls!

 On this day, July 11, back in 1893 Mikimoto successful cultured his very first pearl. This would completely revolutionize the pearl industry which, up until this year, was completely dependent upon natural pearls and a vast workforce of pearl divers. There are so many wonderful aspects to cultured pearls but, at the time cultured pearls were a blow to the Middle East which was a major supplier of natural pearls. In fact, natural pearls was a major money-maker for countries along the Persian Gulf (also known as the Arabian Gulf) before oil became the major export.

When I traveled to Japan this year, I was so excited to find this life size cut out of Mikimoto. I couldn’t resist getting a photo with him and knew it would be perfect to show y’all today.


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