Gifts We Are Happy to Give

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With this major gift giving season upon us, I am reminded of how good it feels to give a gift that our loved ones really appreciate. My friend Andrew once told me I should always accept gifts otherwise I would be robbing the giver the good feeling that comes with giving. It is so true! Sometimes we are so quick to say, “Don’t give me anything,” that we forget how much it means to be the giver.

I am thinking about this, of course, because I love the gift of cultured pearls. I hosted a trunk show today and a woman, Connor, came to the show to buy a necklace for her granddaughter. She had already bought a Pearl Girls necklace for her first granddaughter and was so thrilled by how much she loved her gift. Connor confided that her granddaughter had been so moved that she actually wrote her a thank you note! I think it might have been her first. Connor was so elated to know she had delighted her granddaughter so much (and for her 16th birthday too!) so she was already getting her shopping done for the next granddaughter’s 16th!

I hope this year we can all experience that great feeling of giving and the joy of receiving the perfect gift too!

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