Georgia Pearl Girls: The Pearl Girls in Georgia Magazine

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That’s right, we are the Georgia Pearl Girls! The Pearl Girls are featured in the November issue of Georgia Magazine!

UPDATE: I am having a ball revisiting our old blog posts! We have been featured in both Georgia Trend Magazine and Georgia Magazine. This is long before we moved our jewelry production to the U.S., before we launched our Jewelry Repair Department. The article was even before I purchased our updated headquarters on Hawthorne Ave in Athens. What a wonderful journey we have been on with The Pearl Girls! I love being the Georgia Pearl Girls! And, as always, I love those of you who have stuck with us year after year. Thank you!


The Georgia Magazine feature of The Pearl Girls reads…

A busy mom and trained gemologist, India Rows seeks out pearls from all over the world, and from them makes heirloom jewelry. She personally goes to the sources to hand-select the pearls. Rows’ Athens-based company, The Pearl Girls, produces a variety of designs for all ages of importance to womanhood, from birth to anniversaries and other milestones. Especially lovely is a delicate seed pearl bracelet for a young lady for about $65, and pink pearls are an option.

Of course there are pearls for big girls too. The oddly shaped baroque pearls are attractive, as no one pearl is like another. When strung in a single piece, they offer singular texture in the way they capture and reflect light.

The Pearl Girls can also help redesign a pearl necklace that has perhaps fallen from favor or even become unhinged. And they offer classes with tips like tying knots between pearls to secure the string.

The big news, though, is that beginning in 2014, Rows will open a new line of pearls for which the sources will be American, largely from Tennessee. “They will be a bit more expensive,” she warns, owing largely to high [natural pearl] costs. But she is excited to be able to offer an entirely American  line of pearls.


The Pearl Girls

548 Hawthorne Ave

Athens, GA 30606

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The Pearl Girls in Georgia Magazine

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