Forget Me Knot Pearls

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Forget Me Knot Pearls

I wanted to discuss the wonderful women who support The Pearl Girls and my efforts to build and grow this business. Many of you who have met me know that my passion for pearls is without bounds. I truly love the beauty and wonder of pearls and I am privileged to share this passion with everyone I meet. I am also enamored with the symbolism of pearls and their uniqueness as gifts. I love how pearls unite us to the ones we love.



So, today, I want to give a warm shout out to my friend and local business owner Amy L. Today she coined the phrase Forget Me Knot Pearls. She said that by the act of tying pearls, we are creating small forget me knots for the ones we love. She truly understands what these small treasures symbolize to me and to women world-wide.

forget me knot mother daughter

We all deserve a little forget me knot for the ones we care so deeply for. I certainly hope the women we have touched through The Pearl Girls enjoy a lifetime of forget me knots. We know the gifts of pearls that we pass on to our daughters and granddaughter form strong bonds, the bonds of forget me knot pearls.

Thank you Amy and so many others for understanding and supporting my vision.


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