Find a Pearl in An Oyster? What About A Pearl Necklace?

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We hear it all the time… the random stories of people finding a pearl in an oyster dinner. I love these stories although I feel so bad for the people that find pearls in their fried oysters! All those beautiful fried pearls… what a disappointment! Disclaimer: Most of these pearls are non-nacreous pearls so truthfully they probably were not beautiful, lustrous pearls before they were fried. Of course, they definitely are not lustrous after they are fried, either!

Do pearls go with these fried oysters


Well, speaking of delicious fried pearls, Toni was dining on fried oysters in Franklin, Tennessee last week when she bit down on something hard. Yes, there was a pearl in Toni’s lunch! This wasn’t something new for Toni. She estimates that she has eaten thousands of oysters in her life and, over the years, she has found two to three pearls. But this lunch was different… Toni did not just find two to three pearls.

Are there pearls in these fried oysters

When the manager made his way over to exclaim, “I hear you got a pearl in your oyster,” Toni had already found 10 pearls! Her final count? Fifty one pearls! So, Toni did not just find a pearl in her oysters, she found an entire pearl necklace!! Now, of course, those pearls are all fried up so Toni might not rush to put that little oyster delight around her neck but seriously, what an awesome story!


Source: My Fox Chicago

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