Don’t Cry For Me

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As I mention in today’s email and this listing, this is a perfect reminder of what we have all been through. Sometimes I hate to repeat the old adage, “What doesn’t kill us..” and yet, sometimes it can be true. Right?!

Over 20 years ago, when I was just 17, I got sick. It was unusual – I was always so healthy – so for two weeks I walked around in misery until I asked my parents to take me to the doctor. A visit to the doctor turned into a hospital stay then an urgent 8 hour surgery where I was given a 20% chance to live. After surgery, I spent 92 days in the hospital in recovery and dealing with additional complications. And guess who never left my side? My mamma. She and I bonded over our time together and I am proud to be so close to her to this day. And I am proud to be healthy, too! But, if my mamma ever needs me? Well, I rush to be by her side. I would care for her the rest of my life and still be unable to giver her the devotion, love and compassion she showed me so many years ago.

So, when hip surgery called, I answered! I just finished the week with her during her hip surgery. There was no place I would have rather been this week!


Don’t cry for me for my experiences because I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

This reminds me of the powerful symbol of a pearl. I like to say that, in nature, when a mollusk is “invaded” by a bacteria or small organism, it can be a quite violent experience and some mollusks may die. But, those that survive do so by slowly depositing nacre on this invasion and turning something of harm into something beautiful. Would any of us trade the pearls we created in life? They were hard fought for and, over time, they have become something of beauty.

Don’t Cry for me and my experiences, sometimes they are the most beautiful experiences of my life.

May we all find the beauty in our lives!


Don’t Cry For Me Pearl Earrings

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