Cortez, Cortez

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I am driving down Highway 316 singing Led Zepplin’s Ramble On at the top of my lungs and realizing what a deliciously blessed life I lead. Just thirty minutes earlier I was exchanging teary goodbyes with my husband and my 4 and 6 year olds. Knowing I will be back before I know yet achingly, devastatingly sad to mutter the word, “Goodbye’” and walk out of the door. This is the way I feel everytime I say goodbye to my children. I feel like my entire life is ending. I feel like I am severing a cord from my lifeblood of joy. Dramatic? Sure! But, true. Since starting my homeschool journey in January I have spent so many waking hours with those two and I have enjoyed the time we have together. I remain in awe of their world-view: one that includes freedom, laughter and popsicles. I like their life. I like our life.

cortez, cortez - the sea of cortez and the momet to facetime - the pearl girls

My life has been put aside for a while. I have enjoyed it, frankly. For the first time I have not been rushing to get them ready for school or daycare, shabbily getting dressed before whisking them away before I hunker down at work until it is time to pick them up. Our days have slowed down, our connection has grown and the wonderful women I work for have continued growing The Pearl Girls in my absence.

I have thought of a million reasons not to go on this trip and people have helped me create even more excuses. First, my in-laws are not coming to town to keep my boys. This is the first pearl trip I have taken without their care and the boys have no one, but their father, to care for them. Sounds awful, right? But I always enjoyed knowing they could enjoy their grandparents in my absence. Secondly, I planned this trip to Mexico, that country many people want to erect a wall to separate us from. The scary, scary country that the State Department warns us to avoid for nonessential travel. And finaly, these fears have been exasperated by everyone’s concern for me. What if I get —-insert bad thing here—— while in this scary country. I received many emails and messages from well-intentioned people encouraging me to cancel my trip.

“But now it’s time for me to go..”

But I drove on… out of my driveway, down 316 and onward to I-85 to the Atlanta International Airport. And last night I found myself driving South down Mexican Highway 15. I got lost in Hermosillo and marveled at this arid desert landscape and the people in the streets, the dirt roads and dilapidated homes. There were no Americans on our flight from Monterray to Hermosillo. This is not a destination popular among tourists, at least not us Georgia folks. The eastern shores of Cancun usually welcome us. But, here I am. These are the places I choose to go where the allure of pearls entice me to travel through dusty roads and dilapidated barrios. This is where I choose to ramble where beauty can be found in unexpected places.

And my heart swells once again and I am full of joy knowing my odd place in the order of things. Knowing my passion for pearls and for travel can take me places and that I can follow my joy.

So I wake today staring at the Sea of Cortez and sink my body into its cool waters. A welcome gift from the sea, welcoming me on this adventure. Tomorrow I will examine the pearls that come from this water but today, today I relish in the sunshine, the water and the cactus. Where this arid desert meets the sea. Where beauty greets me in the strangest of places. This is where my passion meets me.

Cortez, Cortez… the Sea of Cortez

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