Why buy pearls in November?

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There are many reasons to buy pearls in November and one of our favorite reasons is to support our fundraiser for the J.L. Wiley Foundation. Before I tell you about this wonderful alliance we have created, let me first fill you in on some of my joyful reasons for buying pearls this wonderful month of November.

“The look on her face was priceless.”

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because we have no other pressure than to get together with ones we love, eat food and watch a little football. But I also love the idea of just being thank-ful. This is something I strive to do as a mother. My life is so full of joys, I love just taking the time to be thankful for all of my many blessings. So, when customers say things to me like, “The look on her face was priceless,” I realize that those looks are truly something to be thankful for. The look on a daughter’s face when she receives her first pearls truly is priceless. And that look, that moment, will never be forgotten.

When you love them, you really love them!

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a dear Pearl Girl in North Carolina who is in her mid-80s. Recently, her daughter contacted us and shared, “She wants pearls for her birthday … maybe that is not something she needs since she already has lots if pearls!! ” It is true they both have shopped with us many times but sometimes the gift of pearls is just as delightful as receiving your first strand of pearls or your first great pair of stud earrings.

Joe Wiley
Joe Wiley

So, why do I want you to buy pearls in November? Well, for our third year in a row we are devoting November to the J.L. Wiley Foundation. 20% of our November online retail sales will be contributed to this Foundation. The J.L. Wiley Foundation raises both money and awareness for their great cause of educating people about strokes and their symptoms. And, more importantly, they serve as healthcare advocates for those navigating the waters of healthcare in the U.S.A.

But what really draws me to the foundation is the woman who runs it, Linda Wiley. She took care of her husband Joe after he had a brain stem stroke August 22, 2009. She came home at 5:30 PM on that fateful day to find Joe laying face-up. He had suffered from his stroke almost seven hours earlier. Sixteen months later Joe was laid to rest after a harrowing battle with doctors, insurance companies, caregivers and more. Even more depressing was the education about strokes and the knowledge that maybe there were symptoms that went unnoticed days before Joe’s stroke.

So, what is a devoted wife to do after 40 years of marriage and the tragic loss of her husband? Most of us might not be able to even get out of bed. But Linda is fighting. She is leading a charge to increase awareness about strokes and to be an advocate to those dealing with major illnesses. She and her family learned about healthcare and patient rights the hard way. They believe others should not have to suffer through the healthcare system while enduring, “the stress and strain of dealing with a major illness.”
I encourage you to visit Linda’s website www.jlwileyfoundation.com and learn more about her cause. I warn you, some posts are truly difficult and sad to read.
If you decide to buy pearls in November, know that 20% of your order will be donated to this foundation. We would love to pass on your name too so let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous. We hope you will enjoy this easy way to contribute and to get great jewelry at the same time! There’s no better way to help support an amazing cause that affects people all over the world.
Whether you’re a new customer or you’ve been a customer for years- The J.L. Wiley Foundation really appreciates any and every contribution they receive, and we do too! Thanks Pearl Girls!
Nov. 1, 2013

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