Broken Turquoise Necklace

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Yes, we are a pearl jewelry business and we repair lots of broken pearl necklaces! But, we work with a lot of beads and stones, too! One customer reached out to ask about her broken turquoise necklace.

broken turquoise necklace - the pearl girls

Dear Pearl Girls,

I have this necklace of turquoise pieces that broke several years ago (photo attached). Been sitting in a baggie in a drawer ever since. I know your business is all about pearls, but do you also restring things such as this? If not, do you know someone who does?

The Pearl Girls restrung some Mikimoto pearls several months ago for me, and I was highly pleased. Thank you so much for that. I have today placed another order for a mailer to send you a set of freshwater pearls that need to be retied to the clasp. If you can restring the turquoise, I could include it in the package with the pearls.

Looking forward to your reply.



broken turquoise necklace -turquoise beads- the pearl girls

Dear A.S.,

Thanks so much for reaching out!!! I am so happy you were pleased with the work we did on your Mikimoto’s! We would love to restring these turquoise beads for you and reattach them to their clasp so they will be wearable once again. We recommend simply stringing them and not worrying about knots. We will use a heavier silk thread so they will not break. Our restringing cost is $1.50 per inch. I know you said you ordered a Jewelry Return Kit. If you need another one, simply click here. You are also welcome to mail them directly to our Hawthorne Ave office. We look forward to putting as much love and care into this necklace as we did with your strand of Mikimoto pearls.

Also, please know that with a bag of beads sometimes we need to charge a design fee. When we are sent a bag of pearls or beads of different sizes, we take a great deal of time laying out and matching the jewelry before we start work on the necklace. Any design work such as this carries a cost of $20 per hour, billed in 1/4 hour increments. Thanks for understanding!

All the best,


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