Baby in Pearls: The Elsie Mae Story

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We love a sweet baby in pearls and the lineage of pearls through families. So, in our spotlight, we want to shine our light on sweet baby Elsie Mae whose mamma just bought a baby pearl bracelet.

But she is not the only Elsie Mae, there are two. One Elsie Mae just passed away after a long and fruitful life and the other, her great granddaughter, Elsie Mae, was welcomed into this world less than three weeks ago. The elder Elsie Mae was a lover of pearls. A family of women .. daughters, sisters, cousins, naives and more are getting ready to celebrate the passing of the elder Elsie Mae and, in her honor, they are wearing pearls to her funeral tomorrow. The younger Elsie Mae is now the proud owner of The Pearl Girls Baby Bracelet so she too can wear pearls in honor of her great-grandmother, and namesake. This baby in pearls will join the life celebration of Elsie Mae and she will keep these pearls forever as an honor to her great grandmother and as a cherished gift to possibly pass on to her own namesake one day.

Thanks to Elsie Mae’s mamma for choosing The Pearl Girls for these sweet baby pearls and for sharing this heart warming story with us! We wish you and your family the best.

Elsie Mae baby in pearls

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