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I was so excited and honored to be interviewed by Aisle Do blog. Here is the interview posted on Aisle Do on Tuesday with some great questions on pearls.To learn more about Aisle Do visit

Guest Blog Interview: India Rows of The Pearl Girls 

Classic white cultured pearl necklace bridal pearls by The Pearl Girls

Pearls are the paragon of grace. Blissful and enchanting. Timeless. Perfect for all of life’s events, especially weddings. I recently was introduced to The Pearl Girls, and had the opportunity to ask owner, India Rows about these exquisite natural wonders. India Rows’ love affair with pearls began at nine years old when she received her first strand of pearls, a gift from her Dad. She has worn those pearls to every major event of her life.

By the age of 30, she was able to turn her love of pearls, travel and people into a business. The Pearl Girls offers gorgeous cultured pearl jewelry featuring pearls that India personally curates from her worldwide travels. She has built a team of women in Athens, GA who lovingly create all of The Pearl Girls designs. She has also recently launched The Traveling Pearls, a travel division of The Pearl Girls so she can bring others on her worldwide excursions. India is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about pearls and her enthusiasm is contagious!

Bride wearing pearl necklace bridal pearls by The Pearl Girls

Q: Would you share how your preference developed for freshwater pearls over saltwater? India: Yes, it all started with a visit to Japan. While meeting with a Japanese pearl supplier, the sales woman commented that the pearls were fantastic quality and nacre, and they would not “rub off” for eight years or more. The truth is that Japanese akoya pearls that were once the gold standard in classic cultured pearls but their high quality standards are no longer guaranteed. And that bothers me. Because saltwater pearls are nucleated with a mother-of-pearl bead, they must have enough pearl nacre on the bead to stand the test of time. And some saltwater pearls just do not have that. Now, I love saltwater pearls. There are a huge range of colors and varieties available with saltwater pearls but for the classic white pearls, I will always choose high quality freshwater pearls over Japanese saltwater akoya pearls. Freshwater pearls do not have a bead inside of them so they are denser, heavier and there is nothing to “rub off”

Strand of Pearls

Q: Does the health of the river environment affect the quality, size, quantity, etc. of the pearls? Is that the same for saltwater pearls? India: Both freshwater and saltwater bivalve mollusks, capable of producing pearls, are filter feeders – meaning they are constantly filtering water in and out. This is their way of surviving. This is how they eat, reproduce and it is a wonderful way to clean the water. Maybe you saw the recent amazingly interesting post about the oysters cleaning the dirty water? (yes!) That is exactly what they do – they clean water. They are also highly susceptible to pollutants in the water. So, yes, if freshwater or saltwater mollusks are in highly polluted water, not only do they not produce high quality pearls, they also risk death and disease.

Q: What is the best thing you can do to protect your pearls at home? And what would be the #1 “do not” do this in caring for your pearls? India: To protect your pearls at home, keep them in a soft pouch or at least away from your other jewelry that will scratch the soft surface of your pearls. Also, try to rub down your pearls after extended wear to keep them free from the acids in your skin and perfumes and beauty supplies. These products are acidic and although you will not see immediate damage to your pearls, over time, these acids will break down the surface of your pearls. The number one thing you should not do is use a commercial jewelry cleaner on your pearls. Once i dipped a sterling silver filigree clasp in a sterling silver cleaner and I accidentally dropped in the first pearl of the strand into the solution. It turned a chalky white in less than a second and I had to reknot the entire strand and remove the damaged pearl. It was devastating!

We want to be a part of your memories Pearls and Pearl Jewelry by The Pearl Girls

Finally, what is The Pearl Girls’ mission? India: The Pearl Girls Mission is simple. We want to be a part of your birthdays, your anniversaries and your amazing accomplishments. We want to be with you throughout your youth, at high school graduation, through marriage, your career and beyond.

pearls for all life occasionsWe believe the most cherished timeless give you can give your loved ones is cultured pearl jewelry. Pearls connect us and hold our special memories. So when life’s special events come, commemorate them with the gift of the creation of cultured pearl jewelry and the gifting of these amazing gems.

Wow – wasn’t that fabulous!? Pearls have always been special to me. But, uh-oh – I have to admit to not wiping them off after wear in the past. I resolve to change that bad habit!

To find out more about The Pearl Girls jewelry or perhaps an excursion with The Traveling Pearls, please visit their website: or find them on Facebook: I especially love that she offers a knotting class and supplies to repair your strand if you’re a crafty hands on type!

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